Custom BEASTMODE Monster Headphones

We can’t help but share this months claim to fame and are excited to be a part of the BEASTMODE journey!
From the LA Lakers to the Seattle Seahawks – MONSTER Headphones has us staying busy project after project… No complaints here!
From training or interviewing to battling it out – take a peek at our customs in the latest news.

Marshawn Lynch Training in our Custom Monster 24ks.


Train Day in Custom Monster 24ks.

Training Day.

Earl Thomas & Marshawn Lynch - Finding some down time during the big game. Found wearing our Custom Monster Headphones.
Earl Thomas & Marshawn Lynch.


Marshawn Lynch Interviewing with E! News about BEASTMODE.
Check out the full interview from the links below.


As part of the Superbowl hype – Conan O’Brien challenges Rob Gronkowski & Marshawn Lynch
to a Battle of Mortal Kombat X a few days before kick off.
Be sure to check out the video below.




Special Thanks to Everyone Involved in this Production.


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